CGG CEO Sophie Zurquiyah gives her views on the future of geoscience and the energy sector

Added: 28th August 2020 by CGG

In a recent edition of KPMG's 'Current Conversations' on their energy podcast channel, Sophie Zurquiyah, CGG CEO, discusses with Regina Mayor, KPMG’s Global and U.S. Head of Energy, how CGG uses its exceptional people and high-performance computing to create unrivalled images of the earth's subsurface. The podcast is titled “Preventing surprises in deepwater drilling” but the conversation is freer ranging than the title suggests.

A range of topics is touched on which give a good insight into the energy industry and CGG’s own direction of travel including growing use of geophysical sensors at the seafloor, progress around capturing carbon and methane emission leaks, and the interaction between physics, geoscience, and machine learning technology.

A full transcript of the podcast can be found here.