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Typically recruits

  • Computing/Technology
  • Electronic & Electrical
  • Sciences/Maths

Our internships will re-open to applications in August 2020.

We have a heavy graduate presence – a large % of our workforce is made up of graduates.
The firm has doubled in size in the last 2-3 years.
We give our engineers ‘maker time’ to use and develop a range of engineering skills outside of project work.
We’re within walking distance of the world famous Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit.

Ian Johnston


"I enjoy solving the challenges presented by some of our clients."

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Sam Faull


"I’ve definitely learnt more in my time at PEL than I did at Uni"

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Working at Partner Electronics – Jeremy Binley

One of the most experienced members on the team, Jeremy Binley is a senior engineer working at Partner Electronics. Coming from a physics background Jeremy has built up a broad knowledge in a range of fields over the years. All leading towards an expertise in high-frequency design.

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Get that Graduate Electronics Job

The first piece of advice Richard has to offer would be to practice, practice, practice your interview technique!  

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