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  • Electronic & Electrical
  • Materials & Minerals
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Sorry! Applications are now closed. We will be accepting applications again in February 2021.

Graduate Jobs

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It's our job to bring 3 million households and 200,000 businesses clean water.
North West based company with over 42,000 kilometres of water pipes.
Our network of pipes and sewers, if laid end to end, would stretch 80,000km - twice around the world.
FTSE 100 business with over 5,000 staff and 7 million customers.
United Utilities will invest more than £3 billion to improve the water and wastewater infrastructure.
Over 2,500 students have Followed us on Gradcracker.
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Project Management Graduate

"During my time so far, I’ve really been able to build upon the technical skills I learned in university, as well as stretching my interpersonal skills in the role of Project Coordinator."

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Graduate Environmental Planner

"I really enjoy my work as it is interesting, challenging and rewarding and the graduate scheme is full of opportunities."

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United Utilities named as one of Britain’s Healthiest Workplaces...

United Utilities has been named one of Britain’s Healthiest Workplaces, following the largest, most comprehensive workplace wellbeing survey in the UK.

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United Utilities Innovation Lab

Emu Analytics is a data analytics and visualisation software company. We build software platforms that are designed to analyse and visualise geo-spacial data, which is data about the movement and position of objects.

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