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Selection Process

... for Trainee Consultant and Internship programmes.

We want to make sure you do your best during our selection process. As a result, please let us know if you need us to consider any specific adjustments to support you whether that be physical or in relation to neurodiversity.

Come and meet us on campus!

1. Minimum entry criteria check

We'll ask you to complete a short application focusing on what you know about us, the programme and a bit on your strengths. This is your chance to evidence the research you've done. Take your time to review our website, come and meet us on campus, at one of our Insight Days! Initially, we'll do a minimum entry criteria check and then assess your application fully later in the process.

2. Online Numerical test

We'll email you a link to a numerical test. This will take about 30 minutes to complete. Before you do so, complete a couple of practice tests which can be found online. You'll be given three days from receipt of the test to complete this.

3. Online Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

We'll email you a link to our bespoke situational judgement test. This will give you an insight into the role and the types of situations that arise. You'll be given three days from receipt of the test to complete this. The SJT will assess your ability to make a judgement about a real life situation and by doing so indicates your potential for the role.

4. Full application form review

Telephone interview

You'll then be invited to participate in a short telephone interview with a member of our friendly HR team. The interview will ask you to elaborate on some of the answers given in your application form in addition to testing your strengths further.

Final interview, analytical and written tests

Successful candidates at telephone interview will be invited to attend a final interview at your preferred office. The practice area you applied for will deliver the interview which will be strengths based for approximately 45 minutes. You will then be asked to complete an analytical test and written test. Finally, you will meet one of our most recent Trainees so you can find out more about life at Hymans and also see the office. This meeting is not assessed.

What is a strengths- based interview?

“Strengths are underlying qualities that energise us, contribute to our personal growth and lead to peak performance” (Brewerton & Brook 2006, Strengths Partnership)

A strengths-based interview is different from a competency based interview. Strengths-based interviews are a fairly new approach that some recruiters are moving towards as a way of finding out what candidates enjoy. While competency based interviews focus on what you can do, strengths-based interviews focus on what you like doing and are more positively worded. Perhaps nothing is more revealing about who you are than what you enjoy doing and this can tell interviewers a lot about your potential in the role you’re applying for.

What to expect from a strengths-based interview

Interviewers in a strengths-based interview will be trying to find out what kinds of activities engage and energise you. This is because when you are using your strengths, you will often perform to the best of your ability and quickly learn new things.

The questions in a strengths-based interview will be designed to identify whether you have strengths in areas which are important in the role you’re applying for. Interviewers may also ask questions relatively quickly in order to get a genuine and spontaneous response from you.

Strengths-based questions may include: ‘What do you do well?’, ‘When do you feel you are most like “yourself”?’ and ‘When are you at your best?’

We are looking for strengths and potential.


At Hymans we are looking for strengths and potential which are important for our graduate trainee and intern positions. Consider also the academic achievements and extracurricular activities you included in your application form. Think about what you most enjoyed, and why. When were you most engaged? What did you take most pride in?

Assessing what you most enjoy will help you to clarify what you want out of your career, as well as preparing you for contact with an interviewer who takes a strengths-based approach.

Think about your body language as well. How do you come across when you talk about something you enjoy compared to when you enjoy something less? What do you notice about the tone of your voice and other visible signs that you give off? Interviewers will notice these things.

Last but not least is the fact that we want you to enjoy the interview experience and that’s most likely to happen when you’re being you!

We will be assessing your potential throughout the selection process in the following areas:

  • Resilience, self-improvement and job motivation.
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Adaptability & flexibility
  • Planning & organising
  • Working with others

Every application for all our programmes will receive a response. Due to the very high number of applications we receive and telephone interviews we conduct, we are unfortunately not able to provide individual feedback to candidates at these stages.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you!

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