Jordan Homan

Weapons Division

"As a graduate scheme, and a company, I highly recommend it."

Started: September 2014

Studied: Material Science and Engineering (BEng), Queen Mary, University of London

I joined QinetiQ almost a year ago, and have seen such a range of the company. The benefit of the graduate scheme is that you spend the two years doing ten-week placements throughout the division and the rest of the company. I have found that by doing these modules, my technical understanding has dramatically increased and when I go back to my home site I will have a greater understanding of the overall picture and how that group fits within it. These modules also ensure that the work is always varied, and always very interesting.

The most important thing though, in my opinion, is the people you work with. No matter what site I've visited or group I've joined, everyone has been incredibly helpful and encouraging. Everything I've learnt is down to the help from the people I've worked with, which they are more than happy to give. As a graduate scheme, and a company, I highly recommend it.

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